Seville Spain

After landing in Rota Spain, I met a great family traveling around too. They rented a car and headed to the mall and Seville Spain. 

Of course I caught a ride too and it did not feel weird. I felt like I was apart of the family. 

You have to go the the police to get your passport stamped. Just my luck the guy who does that was off. So, I got a piece a paper with a stamp on it (ugh).

Found a cheap pay as you go SIM card so I can text and stay in touch. Found a cheap room on Hotwire and had a good night sleep before exploring the city. 

Thanks to google maps it told me what bus to catch and which way to walk. 

I stop and had a ice cream snack. I ate some local cuisine but in the end McDonald’s always have nuggets. I can’t believe I have travelled half way around the world to eat McDonald’s. I’m a hot mess. 

Seville was beautiful and lots of old buildings the catedral of Seville was really nice and very old. I posted pictures on Facebook (Pat Fluker) if you want to check them out. I seen some New Yorkers and it made me feel good to know some Spanish phrases they knew none. 

I’m headed to Córdoba Spain riding the train and tonight I will stay at a hostel to see how that works. 

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