My Bag

I have packed this bag 4 times and I still feel like I got too much stuff. 

This bad is by Pacsafe and its know for anti theft. It’s also a backpack. 

I’ll share more things about it as I use it on my trip. This and my camera bag is all I’m taking. 


First blog post




This is my blog, to share my adventures.

I decided in October to travel and see what I can see. I have been working non stop to save $15,000 for this trip  Also paid off a few bills along the way

I’m taking 6 months off June till December to see all these places

Germany, France, Budapest, Spain, London, Scotland, Ireland, Morroca, Egypt, India, Singapore, Japan  and where ever I find myself

So, hold on and I will share my adventures with you if you want to go.

Please only positive feedback already got to face a lot of unknown.

Love Ya